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Spatchcock Chicken with Mike's Hot Honey - Extra Hot

  • Prep Time
    1 hr
  • Difficulty
  • Servings

If your chicken didn’t come spatchcocked, this is easily done at home. Using strong chicken shears, slice along each side of the chicken’s spine, through the tissue and bone to remove the backbone totally. Score the inside of the chicken breast along the inside of the breast-bone. Flip the chicken to the breast-side up, and press down to split the breast and flatten the chicken.

Arrange the grill/smoker for indirect cooking and preheat to 325 degrees or medium heat.

Meanwhile, season the chicken with your BBQ rub of choice. Be sure to season the skin, as well as the under-side of the bird.

Cook until the chicken until it reads at least 165 degrees in the thickest part using an instant read or probe thermometer (approximately 45 minutes, depending on the size of the chicken and air flow through the grill).

Remove the chicken to a plate and glaze the crispy skin with Mike's Hot Honey Extra Hot.

Using a sharp knife, separate into pieces (breasts, legs, and thighs) and serve.

Indulge your taste buds in a culinary delight with our Spatchcock Chicken with Hot Honey recipe. This tantalizing dish is a perfect harmony of flavors, combining the succulence of spatchcocked chicken with the sweet and spicy kick of hot honey. Elevate your cooking game and impress your guests with this delectable masterpiece that promises to be a highlight on your dining table.

What is Spatchcock?

Before we dive into the juicy details of our Extra Hot Honey Spatchcock Chicken, let's unravel the mystery behind spatchcocking. This culinary technique is like the cool kid in the cooking block, dating back centuries. Originally known as "spit cock" (yes, you read that right), this method involves removing the chicken's backbone to flatten it. Why spatchcock, you ask? Well, besides sounding like a fancy culinary term, it's all about even cooking and speed. Flattening the chicken allows it to cook more evenly, and trust us, your taste buds will thank you. Plus, it speeds up the cooking time, and who doesn't want their delicious masterpiece on the table faster? Our modern twist on this historical technique introduces hot honey's bold and contemporary element. Mike's Extra Hot Honey to be precise—is a game-changer that adds a layer of complexity, making your Grilled Spatchcock Chicken recipe a culinary sensation.

How to Prep Spatchcock Chicken

Now that you're on board with spatchcocking, let's get down to business. Place that whole chicken on a clean, flat surface, channel your inner kitchen ninja, and cut along both sides of the backbone using sharp kitchen shears. Flip the chicken over, give it a firm press to flatten it, and voilà – you've just spatchcocked like a pro. But we're not stopping there. Mix a flavorful rub with olive oil, smoked paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, dried thyme, salt, and pepper (feel free to use any reasoning; however, this is our recommendation). Coat that spatchcocked beauty with the rub, ensuring every inch is a canvas for flavor. This is the magic that turns a regular chicken into a culinary masterpiece.

What to Pair with Hot Honey Spatchcock Chicken

Now that your Spatchcock Chicken is ready to steal the spotlight, what's a hero without its sidekicks? We've got some drool-worthy suggestions for you:

Try Mike's Hot Honey Extra Hot on Your Spatchcock Chicken

Enough teasing – it's time to make your kitchen sizzle. Grab some Mike's Extra Hot Honey, slather it generously on your Spatchcock Chicken, and let the flavors ignite a taste explosion. Ready to take this flavorful journey to the next level? If you’d rather grab Mike’s Hot Honey in person, find Mike's Hot Honey near you or shop online Why settle for ordinary when you can delightfully make your taste buds dance? Try our Extra Hot Honey recipe for spatchcocked chicken, and let the culinary magic unfold. Happy cooking folks.

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