Our Story

Mike in front of the pizza oven at Paulie Gee's circa 2010.

Mike’s Hot Honey started with a passion for creating and sharing the perfect fusion of two of nature’s most unique and wonderful flavors: honey and chili peppers.

In 2004, our founder Mike Kurtz made the first batch of his signature hot honey to share with friends and family. It was an immediate hit: a unique combo of sweetness and heat that adds the perfect kick to just about any food or drink. Mike started drizzling hot honey on pizzas at the pizzeria where he worked, and it wasn’t long before customers asked him if they could buy bottles to take home. Mike found himself staying up all night making hot honey just to keep up with requests. In 2010, Mike took the entrepreneurial leap and set up shop in New York City: he sourced honey from domestic beekeepers to help support sustainable agriculture, and he worked tirelessly to pack, label, and ship every bottle of hot honey by hand.

We’ve grown like crazy since the early days, but we’re still putting the same care into every bottle. Today, Mike’s Hot Honey is America’s #1 brand of hot honey, and we wouldn’t be here without you: at the heart of our business are the relationships we’ve made with customers, restaurants, and retailers throughout the country. Thank you for inviting us to your table!

For more information please contact us at info@mikeshothoney.com