Introducing Extra Hot Honey

Following years of requests from customers for a hotter Mike’s Hot Honey, we’re excited to launch our first ever line extension: Mike’s Hot Honey Extra Hot. This new variation delivers an even hotter kick while staying true to Mike's signature slow-building heat. It can be used interchangeably with the original, when you’re looking for an extra kick, and is particularly suited for BBQ, pizza and chicken. The launch is an online exclusive, available only on Amazon and

Mike's Extra Hot Honey drizzled on chicken drumstick

"Since we launched 10 years ago, we've purposely kept our product line very focused." said Mike's Hot Honey founder, Mike Kurtz. "We've always believed in doing one thing really well and our line extensions to date have almost exclusively been new pack sizes of our original product for different usage occasions. But launching an Extra Hot flavor has long been a goal of ours and something our fans have been asking for. Our 10th anniversary felt like the right time to finally bring it to market."

As we move into the summer heat, during a time that is like no other in our lifetime, we are thankful for the support Mike’s Hot Honey has received over the last 10 years. Our mission has been to bring people together with delicious food, and while things will look a little different this summer, we hope to continue to inspire authentic connections between family, friends, colleagues and food lovers of all kinds. Thank you for inviting us to your table.

Mike's Extra Hot Honey drizzled on slice of pizza