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Extra Hot Honey Glazed Ribs

  • Prep Time
    Approx 7 hours
  • Difficulty
  • Servings

Preheat your smoker of choice to 225 degrees. Fruit woods (apple/cherry/pecan) work well for this recipe.

While the smoker is preheating, remove the ribs from the package. Locate the thin membrane on the bottom-side of the rib rack. Using a butterknife, gently pry one corner of the membrane up and away from the bones. Using a paper towel to get a secure grip, pull the membrane off the ribs. This will allow more smoke flavor into the ribs and provide a better texture.

Liberally and evenly season the ribs with the BBQ Rub one side at a time. Allow the rub to “set” for at least 15 minutes before flipping and seasoning the other side.

Lay the ribs on the smoker meat-side up, and allow to cook for 3 hours uninterrupted.

Prepare 2 large pieces of aluminum foil for each rack of ribs (4 total). The pieces should be large enough to completely, tightly wrap the ribs. Using tongs or heat-resistant gloves, center one rack of ribs on the aluminum foil, meat side up. Sprinkle on more BBQ Rub, then drizzle the top of the ribs with Mike's Hot Honey Extra Hot.

Flip the ribs over, and repeat with rub and honey. Working your way around the rib rack, fold the right, bottom, left, and top sides in to wrap the ribs. Open the last side back up, and gently pour ½ cup of apple juice into the pouch with the ribs. Wrap tightly, then, using a second sheet of foil, wrap again.

Repeat for the second rack.

Place back on the smoker. For extra tender, fall off the bone ribs, increase the temp to 250 degrees. Allow to cook for 2 hours.

With tongs, or preferably, heat resistant gloves, open each rib pouch and drain/dispose of the liquid. Place the ribs onto a cookie sheet meat-side up – this will allow for easier clean up, and makes extra-tender ribs easier to move from the smoker to the table.

Drizzle with Mike's Hot Honey Extra Hot, and return the entire sheet back to the smoker. Continue drizzling with honey every 15-20 minutes for 1 hour.

Slice the ribs between the bones, and serve with a final drizzle of Mike's Hot Honey Extra Hot. 

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