Pizza School NYC & Episode 2 of the Mike's Hot Honey Podcast

Nestled on a historic stretch of Grand Street on the Lower East Side, Pizza School NYC (formerly Pizza A Casa) has established itself as one of NYC's best resources for folks hungry to learn how to make great pizza at home.  The school, run by Jenny and Mark Bello,  offers four-hour classes during which students learn everything from dough making and stretching techniques to ingredient sourcing and even ways to tweak and get the best results out of a home oven.

At the end of class, each student bakes the pies they've made and as they come out of the come out of oven, a pizza eating frenzy ensues as the class shares in fruits of their labor.  A great pie, now regularly enjoyed in class is the Mike's Hot Honion: Fresh Mootz, Romano, thinly sliced red onion and a post-oven Mike's Hot Honey drizzle followed by the finishing touch, a sprinkling of fried onions.  It's a winner!

Students leave the class with the skills needed to make great pizza at home for the rest of their lives, truly valuable know-how to have for the long haul.  In addition to offering classes on pizza-making, Pizza School NYC also carries a nice selection of pizza making products including pizza peels, cutters, baking stones and The Baking Steel, a baking stone alternative that has proven to produce great results in home ovens. There's also a nice selection of pizza condiments, including, you guessed it, bottles of MHH.

During our visit to Pizza School NYC, we sat down with owners Jenny and Mark Bello to chat about life as pizza educators and their commitment to teaching folks how to make great pizza at home. Along the way we discuss their wedding at Paulie Gee's pizzeria on the eve of hurricane Sandy and hear about the conception of the Mike's Hot Hunion pizza pie.  Hear it all on Episode 2 of the Mike's Hot Honey podcast below.

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