Rosco's Pizza & Episode 1 of the Mike's Hot Honey Podcast

Jonathan Greenberg, owner and head pizza man at Rosco's Pizza in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, took the long road to opening his ode to a classic slice joint.  Pizza seeds were planted during Jon's first kitchen job working as a prep cook at an Italian restaurant and pizzeria in Colorado.

Following  stretches in the tech and non-profit worlds, Jon's passion for cooking and distaste for the 9-5 office environment eventually led him to pursue formal training in culinary school followed by a series of jobs at restaurants ranging from fine dining to Neapolitan style pizza.  In the summer of 2012, Jon's journey through the restaurant world culminated with the opening of his slice joint, Rosco's Pizza, located in the heart of Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Rosco's, named after Jon's late, ornery chihuahua, is an ode to the classic NYC slice joint.  A focus on premium ingredients and an inviting casual atmosphere have made Rosco's a favorite hang for friends looking to grab a pitcher of beer and share a whole pie.  They even have frosty mugs! The attention to detail at Rosco's is subtle and results in slices that are as deeply satisfying as any in the city.

Jon and I worked together making pizza at Paulie Gee's in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in the early days of the restaurant and I was eager to learn the dough stretching technique used for larger NY thin crust pies so I spent an afternoon with Jon and his team at Rosco's learning the basics of making NY thin crust pizza.  

Our afternoon pizza making session resulted in a delicious brussels sprout and guanciale pie with a post-oven drizzle of Mike's Hot Honey.

Featured on our very first Mike's Hot Honey Podcast, Jon and I sit down to talk about the road to opening Rosco's, New Haven-style pizza and the trials and tribulations of Jon's beloved New York Knicks.  Listen to Episode 1 of the Mike's Hot Honey Podcast below.

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