Mike's Hot Honey Goes to the Movies! - A Visit to Nitehawk Cinema

Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, one of the first theaters in NYC to offer food & drink service, is a true trailblazer.  The three-screen cinema opened in 2011 and was single-handedly responsible for overturning the prohibition-era New York State liquor law that made serving alcohol in motion picture theaters illegal.  Now movie-goers can enjoy a carefully curated mix of first-run films and classic flicks while sipping on cocktails and enjoying a menu of food that features local ingredients and dishes inspired by the staff's favorite films.

We visited to check out Nitehawk's new Spring menu, which features two new dishes made with Mike's Hot Honey from resident chef Kurt Applegate.  Pictured below is the Cranberry Pecan Toast topped with fresh ricotta, orange zest, fried basil and a finishing drizzle of MHH.

And for the eggplant-lovers out there, there's an eggplant sandwich that will complete you!  Crispy eggplant topped with orange-herb ricotta, arugula, pickled red onions and a drizzle of Mike's Hot Honey on organic ciabatta bread.

A Mike's Hot Honey Eggplant sandwich, your hot date and comfy seats to see Get Out...what more can you ask for?  Now call your honey and get a Nitehawk Cinema date night on the calendar!

For showtimes and more info on Nitehawk Cinema please visit https://nitehawkcinema.com/

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