New Dip Cups for Delivery & To-Go

We’re excited to introduce our newest pack size: Mike’s Hot Honey Dip Cups. As federal and local social-distancing guidelines have driven restaurants to close their dining rooms and shift to delivery and takeout-only models, we’ve recognized a growing demand for to-go-friendly packaging for our signature hot honey. We feel dip cups offer the best solution for restaurant operators as well as consumers, who are able to drizzle just before eating and use the cup for dipping pizza crust, chicken wings and more. Our goal is to get Mike’s Hot Honey Dip Cups into the hands of pizzerias across the country, to help reduce labor costs associated with filling to-go cups and provide a sanitary single-serving package with each order.

"Pizzerias are the backbone of our business. When the pandemic hit the US, we began outreach to our friends at pizzerias to learn more about what they were experiencing and how we could help." said Mike's Hot Honey founder, Mike Kurtz. "Nearly everyone we spoke with was seeing an increase in delivery business and a need for honey packaging that fit this model. We developed the dip cups as a way for pizzerias to safely and efficiently deliver our product to their customers while adding incremental revenue to each order."

Dip Cups are available from foodservice distributors nationwide through our partnership with DOT Foods. Find more information here.