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How can I order Mike's Hot Honey for my restaurant?

Mike's Hot Honey is available through foodservice distributors nationwide. See a list of distributors currently stocking us here. If your distributor doesn't already offer Mike's Hot Honey, they can order it through DOT Foods. Simply provide the DOT item code to your distributor sales rep. If you are having trouble sourcing Mike's Hot Honey or just want to connect with us directly, please fill out our contact form or email

What is the typical serving size and cost per serving for Mike's Hot Honey?

A serving of Mike's Hot Honey is ranges from 0.25oz - 1oz depending on the application. See the below chart for more info:

Light drizzle
Sandwiches, pizza slice, ice cream
0.25 oz ≈ $0.13

Heavy drizzle
Grilled shrimp, roasted veggies
0.5 oz ≈ $0.27

Full dish drizzle
Chicken & waffles, wings, whole pizza
1 oz ≈ $0.53

Use 0.5 oz MHH simple syrup for most recipes
(1:1 water/MHH)
0.25 oz ≈ $0.13

Note: All measurements use net weight, not fluid ounces.

What are the most popular foodservice uses?

1. Pizza
2. Chicken (wings, chicken sandwiches, fried chicken & waffles)
3. Cheese (sandwiches, cheese & charcuterie)
4. Cocktails
5. Ice Cream

For more inspiration, visit our Resources and Recipes pages.

We already make hot honey in house. Why should we use Mike's Hot Honey?

Mike's Hot Honey will save you time and money, while always getting the absolute best flavor results.
Here's why:

  • We use only pure, high quality honey.
  • Our slow infusion process enhances the honey with chili flavor and heat, without cooking it, leaving the best of both ingredients.
  • Honey is sticky and messy to work with. Give your staff a break and save on labor costs.
  • We think our flavor combo is unbeatable. Don't believe us? Request a sample and give it a try.

Product Questions

How is Mike's Hot Honey made?

We infuse pure honey with whole chili peppers. We don’t use chili flakes, powder or extracts. Our recipe is a trade secret.

Where is Mike's Hot Honey manufactured?

Mike's Hot Honey is manufactured in the Americas, uses only high-quality, pure honey sourced from and manufactured in the Americas and our honey is tested to authenticate its origin and purity.

Does Mike's Hot Honey contain any known food allergens?

No. Mike's Hot Honey does not contain and is not manufactured in a facility that handles peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk, wheat or soy. It is also gluten-free.

Does Mike's Hot Honey contain trans fats?

No. Mike's Hot Honey contains 0g trans fats.

Where is Mike's Hot Honey sourced?

Mike's Hot Honey uses only high-quality, pure honey sourced from approved suppliers in the Americas and our honey is tested to authenticate its origin and purity.

Where can I find specs for Mike's Hot Honey products?

View our master spec sheet here. Visit our resources page for more information and tools.

How hot is Mike's Hot Honey?

We like to say it's not too mild or too wild. Mike’s Hot Honey has a kick but the heat hits on the back of the palate, allowing all the other ingredients to shine.

How can I keep Mike's Hot Honey from crystallizing?

All pure honey crystallizes over time and it doesn't mean that the honey has spoiled. The key to delaying crystallization is storage temperature. Honey crystallizes fastest between 50-69 degrees Fahrenheit. We recommend storing Mike's Hot Honey at room temperature, above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. For long term storage, below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (refrigerator or freezer) will also delay the formation of crystals.

My Mike's Hot Honey has crystallized. What can I do?

You can return crystallized honey to liquid by gently heating it. Heat honey to approximately 110 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period of time to melt the crystals. Sous vide is the recommended method.

You may also use a utensil to remove the crystallized honey from the plastic packaging and place it in a glass jar. Put the jar in a bath of hot water and gently heat on the stove until it returns to liquid. Once it has cooled back to room temperature, you may pour it back into the original container. Note: Mike's Hot Honey plastic bottles will melt if heated above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Gallon jugs will melt above 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you received your Mike's Hot Honey crystallized, or it crystallized in a short period of time (less than 6 months), please contact us at to arrange replacement product.


Is it okay to list Mike's Hot Honey by brand name on my menu?

Of course! Letting your customers know you use Mike's Hot Honey will create more interest and ideally lead to higher sales. You can either use it in the menu item name, ex. Mike's Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich, or in the ingredients list.

Can my restaurant use Mike's Hot Honey's logo to promote the menu item(s)?

Yes. Please contact us through the contact form or so we can provide the best quality files and photos for your promotional efforts.

How can I be featured on Mike's Hot Honey's social media channels?

We'd love to see how you're featuring Mike's Hot Honey at your restaurant. Tag us in your photos using @mikeshothoney so we can repost on our feed and share with our followers.
If you'd like to discuss other ways we can collaborate, please email

Does Mike's Hot Honey offer any promotional materials

Yes. We have a variety of support items including table tents, coasters, felt pennants and wall hanging signs. We also have t-shirts, hats and other items for your staff or events. Check out our resources page for more information and to request promo items, or email us at

If you still have a question we'd love to hear from you, Contact Us.

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