Mike's Hot Toddy Recipe

Mike's Hot Toddy
By now you should know that Valentine's Day is officially the worst day of the year to go out to eat at a restaurant. It's crowded, menus are transformed into overpriced prixe fix marathons and the servers and cooks are all bummed that they have to work instead of being with their loved ones. Do yourself and your valentine a favor and stay in, cozy up in your pjs and enjoy a delicious Mike's Hot Toddy together. Perfect for a frigid winter date night or for beating that pesky cold, our Mike's Hot Toddy will keep you warm and buzzing throughout the winter.

1½ oz Bourbon
1 tbsp Mike's Hot Honey
½ oz Lemon Juice Hot water to fill
Cinnamon Stick
Lemon Wheel
Glass Type: Mug

1. Add the Mike's Hot Honey, lemon juice and bourbon to the mug
2. Top with hot water
3. Add cloves to taste
4. Stir with cinnamon stick
5. Float a lemon slice on top