Garden Grove Cocktail

We teamed up with our friends at Red Jacket Orchards & Jimmy Fransioli of The Refinery Rooftop to bring you the most delicious cocktail of the season: The Garden Grove.  Jimmy is a bartender at The Refinery Rooftop and Parker & Quinn and is the brains and creative force behind this cocktail.  You can follow him on Instagram at @jimmyscocktails916 for more libation inspiration.  Here's what Jimmy had to say about the cocktail:

“The concept behind this drink was to offer something light and seasonal, yet complex where in every sip you could taste the different characteristics and flavors of the cocktail. The botanicals of the chamomile offer a great accompaniment to the juniper and citrus notes of Brooklyn Gin, while simultaneously pairing with the citrusy notes from the Red Jacket Apricot Stomp.  The addition of Mike’s Hot Honey balances the drink with a little sweetness while giving it more body and a great little kick of heat on the end.”


2oz Brooklyn Gin
1oz Red Jacket Apricot Stomp
1.5oz Chamomile Tea
.5oz Mike’s Hot Honey (Liquified 1:1)
.25 fresh lemon juice
Egg white
Garnish: Thinly sliced apricot ring, sliced fresno chiles, & a lemon peel

In a medium mixing tin, combine spirit, juices and the white from one medium egg.  Dry shake vigorously for five seconds, and then add ice and continue to shake for another five seconds.  Strain into a coupe or martini glass.  Let settle then gently float apricot slice and Fresno chiles.  Express then garnish lemon peel on the on the rim of the glass.

We’re sharing the recipe here but also hosting a giveaway on Instagram where you can win bottles of Mike's Hot Honey and a case of Red Jacket Apricot Stomp juice and to make your own creations at home.

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